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Machine Rental Service

Full-scale coffee machines
for school festivals and events

First rental service of large-scale commercial coffee machines in the industry. Not just renting out machines, but maintenance service is also included in the rental package.

By utilizing our service network and refurbishing machines, we will provide machines and services with reliable quality. By adding machine rental service to the currect purchasing methods (cash payment, leasing, installment payment), it is possible to respond to a wide range of coffee offering scenes.

  • Benefit#1 You can provide authentic coffee. You can provide authentic coffee.
  • Benefit#2 Machine delivery / easy self send-back after use Machine delivery / easy self send-back after use.*Depending on your location, machine may not be delivered by parcel delivery company.
  • Benefit#3 Selectable rental packages. Selectable rental packages.
3day – 4day

Useful and reasonable brewer rental package

Perfect solution for 1-day events and school festivals. A set of coffee brewer BM-2100 and insulation pot.

Rental period can be selected from 3 days or 4 days depending on your event schedule.


  • 1 Brewer

    1 Brewer

    40 cups/hour 10,000yen/3days

  • 1 Insulation pot

    1 Insulation pot

    2.5L(approx. 20 cups) 2,500yen/3days


  • 3-day brewer rental package

    1 Brewer 1 Insulation pot
    Cost 10,000yen 2,500yen
    Total 12,500yen
  • 4-day brewer rental package

    1 Brewer 1 Insulation pot
    Cost 11,000yen 3,000yen
    Total 14,000yen
1week – 1year

From weekly to yearly machine rental packages

From brewers for a large number of people to professional semi automatic espresso machines, you can choose rental machine according to your needs.It is useful in various situations such as opening stores for a limited time and introducing trials to stores.


  • Brewers
  • Fully automatic machines
    Fully automatic machines
  • Semi automatic machines
    Semi automatic machines
  • Espresso grinders
    Espresso grinders
  • Options


*e.g. BM-2100
5 business days before the rental period starts.
Submit rental request form via website
A day before the event
Machine delivery
On the event
Start using machine
A day after the event
Send back machine after use*Customer is responsible for shipping cost.


Are paper filters included?
Yes. Paper filters are included in the rental package. Each machine usually comes with 40 sheets (about 400 cups), but if you would like more than that, please contact us.
What does it mean that capacity of BM-2100 is 40 cups per hour?
The amount of coffee extracted at one time is usually 1600cc, which can serve about 10 cups. Extraction will be completed in about 3 minutes, but it takes 10 minutes to heat water up for next extraction. Thus you can extract up to 4 times in 1 hour, which makes 40 cups per hour.
Can I have coffee too?
We offer coffee as 'equipment set option". The set includes 5 items: coffee powder, heat-resistant paper cups, sugar, milk, and muddlers. Please note that we cannot accept individual orders or order less than 100 cups.
We want to use machine just for one day.
We are afraid that shortest rental period is 3 days for brewers, 1 week for fully automatic machines and semi-automatic espresso machines. There is no problem with returning within the period, but please note that the difference will not be refunded. In principal, we ship machines to be delivered 'one day before the date of use'. Please note that the date of receipt is also counted as rental period.
Can we rent a machine tomorrow?
We are afraid that we only accept orders at least 5 business days before your desired delivery date.
What is the payment method?
Advance payment by wire transfer is available. Please note that we cannot accept post payment or invoices.
Can I rent the equipment required for a semi-automatic espresso machine?
Knockbox, pitcher, and tamper can be included in the rental package free of charge, so please let us know when ordering. Please note that pottery cups cannot be rented.
Can I rent just a pot? I don't need a machine.
It is also possible to rent pot only. Please indicate so in the inquiry.
Is it possible to add a pot to the 3-day rental pack (4-day pack)?
Yes, it is possible. We will quote for 3-day pack(4-day pack) with additional pot option.
Do you ship machines to Okinawa?
We can ship machines anywhere in Japan. Please feel free to contact us. * Depending on the location, delivery by the carrier may not be available.