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Refurbished machine


First in the industry! Commercial coffee machine refurbishing business.Refurbished commercial machines that can be introduced at discount price.

Features of refurbishing business

Features of refurbishing business

Lucky Coffee Machine is working on the refurbishing business of commercial coffee machines. This is the first business model in the industry; which we purchase used machines that cleared our own screening standards then sell them at a discounted price after overhauling and inspecting at our refurbish factory. This business model meets all the needs of coffee machines in food industry such as good cost performance, after-sales support, rich functionality and eco-friendliness.

Why refurbished machines are chosen?

  • Benefit #1 Price (about half the price of a new product) Price (about half the price of a new product) Selling a new full-scale machine that costs around 1 million yen for 400,000 to 600,000 yen
  • Benefit#2 Fully overhauled by dedicated technicians. Fully overhauled by dedicated technicians. It comes with 6-month warranty.
  • Benefit #3 Reliable after-sales support. Reliable after-sales support. Available 365 days, 24 hours. We will visit anywhere in Japan for after-sales support.

Procedure for refurbishing

Evaluation /  Purchase

Evaluation / Purchase

We collect used commercial coffee machines and espresso machines from existing business partners, internet market and other distribution channels. We purchase machines at fair price even if it's broken or missing some parts(if machines are judged as 'refreshable' based on our evaluation criteria) and check machine condition closely.
*Only machines sold by Lucky Coffee Machine

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Overhaul / test operation

Overhaul / test operation

At the refurbish factory, dedicated technicians overhaul the machine based on the company's quality and maintenance standards. After maintenance, we operate the machine as a final check and carry out an operation test based on our inspection items.



After clearing all the operation test items ~ After clearing all the operation test items, we sell the machine as a 'refurbished machine' with evaluation report through our sales person or the internet Also, all machines come with a warranty. In addition, we have optional maintenance packages (preventative maintenance, water filter replacement) just like brand new machines.

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