• Corporate information

Corporate information

Message from the President

We, Lucky Coffee Machine have been at the forefront of a coffee equipment industry snice we found our company in 1964.

The life style of having coffee has continuously changed since then and now the trend called third-wave takes the market by storm. With understanding a current market situation, we realize that it is necessary for us to provide higher quality products and enhance quality of customer service with exceptional value. We strongly believe that this can establish a definition of ‘Japan quality” and we can show it to the world when spreading our business worldwide and meets the needs for inbound marketing.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to work out something for the issue Japan has, which is recognized as 2020/ 30-year-issue (labor population decrease due to the declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people) and decline in consumer confidence due to a long-term deflation.
As stated above, we placed strategic key objectives as followings at the top of our business operation so that we can meet the needs from our customers.

#1,Increase products line-up focusing on providing exceptional value.
#2,Make the business operation more efficient and develop products based on growing an investing profitability.
#3, Enhance a quality of customer service including machine maintenance.

All our business activity is for our customer’s satisfactions.
We will contribute to practice aggressively with our knowledge, technic and know-how as your true partner you can count on for reliable coffee equipment and customer service.

Hiroshi Shibatani
Lucky Coffee Machine Co., Ltd.