• Short-term Coffee Machine Rental Service

Coffee mechanical short-term rental service

Simple & Convenient: Standard coffee machines for commercial use also available for short-term lease.

Fully Serviced Rental Coffee Machines

By adding to our current selection of ways to buy our coffee machine (full cash payment / lease / payment by instalments), we can support a wide range of coffee outlets.

Service Features
We offer the industry's first full-size commercial coffee machine rentals.Along with our rentals, we also offer service plans including additional maintenance.Using our company's service network, through which we perform machine repairs and maintenance, we offer quality-guaranteed coffee machines and servicing.
Benefits of Renting
Benefits of renting include no upfront payments at the time of rental, and easy replacement of machines.Also, if the machine is no longer required, customers do not need to deal with disposal themselves, or with any management, maintenance and costs associated with ownership.Our coffee machines are not only simple, they can also be chosen from a range of convenient rental packages.We accept cancellations any time, maintenance- and hassle-free.
We go the extra mile.

Our coffee machine rental service is convenient for hosting various special events and conferences.
With our delicious classic drip coffee and espresso, we hope to raise the level of satisfaction for both our customers and their event participants.

【Some examples of where our services can be used:】

Events, parties, exhibitions, school festivals, academic conferences, seminars, photo and video shoots, wedding receptions, pop-up stores, product testing before offering a new coffee product in stores, etc.

Short-Term Rental Service

All prices are excluding tax.

Perfect for one-day events and school festivals! Short-term rental pack

Our Short-Term Rental Service is perfect for one-day-only events and seminars, or for the duration of a school festival.
With this set, which has a 20-cup pot that can be kept warm, you can make 60 cups of coffee in an hour with the brewer. Please give it a try!

【3-Day Rental Pack】
  Coffee Brewer x 1 20-cup Insulated Pot x 1
Capacity: 60 cups/hour 2.5L (about 20 cups)
Fee: 2,000 yen/day 700 yen/day
Number of days: 3 days 3 days
Subtotal: 6,000 yen 2,100 yen
Total: 10,800 yen
【4-Day Rental Pack】
  Coffee Brewer x 1 20-cup Insulated Pot x 1
Capacity: 60 cups/hour 2.5L (about 20 cups)
Fee: 2,000 yen/day 700 yen/day
日数 4 days 4 days
Subtotal: 8,000 yen 2,800 yen
Total: 10,800 yen

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