Tradition alongside Innovation

At Carimali, we consider it our mission to contribute to the worldwide development of Italian coffee culture.
Also, by bringing innovative state-of-the-art traditional, fully automatic and fresh brew coffee machines to market, we aim to improve the quality of life of everyone we work with.
Our MACCO brand, which has been customized to meet the needs of our customers, lives up to this philosophy.

MACCO's Products

  • MACCO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine MX-5 SILVER

  • MACCO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine MX-5 PLUTINUM

  • Fully Automatic Espresso Machine MX-4

  • Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Fridge Plus

  • MACCO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine MX-3 TypeⅡgg

  • MACCO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine MX-3 Type Easy pp

  • Steamer SU Plus

  • MACCO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine MX-3 TypeⅡpp

MACCO's History

1919 La Carimali was established in Milan.
1932 Carimali launches the first coffee machines manufactured with vertical boilers and gas heating.
1940s Carimali launches its first horizontal "Liberty-Style" machines.
1960s The arrival of a new generation. The first super automatic "Vega" machine is released.
1970s Carimali brings out the traditional "Selene 71" and also the super automatic "Orion" and "Carimali C" models.
1980s The new "Systema" traditional coffee machine series and the super automatic "S" series with high-volume capability are released.
1990s The MACCO brand is established. Carimali focuses on developing super automatic machines. The new "F" series is released.
2000s MACCO coffee machines are distributed all over the world. Carimali also becomes famous as one of the coffee machine industry's leading companies.
2010s New products with innovative designs are constantly being developed.
2014年 The MX-3 FRESH BREW and the MX-4, both fully automatic coffee extraction machines, are released.