• Coffee mechanical long rental service

Coffee Machine Long-term Rental Service (for Corporate Clients)

Full-fledged coffee machines for commercial use available for one year or more! If your business provides coffee, you can benefit from a long-term contract!!

Long-term Rental Service

I want to provide an espresso menu, too. "I want to open a café!"…but also keep initial costs down. Our Long-term Rental Service meets the needs of these businesses.

  • ・You can rent our full-fledged commercial coffee machine.
  • ・Rentals can be leased at a low-cost monthly flat rate.
  • ・Rest assured that maintenance charges are included in the monthly fee!
  • ・We accept cancellations any time (after the initial minimum one-year term.)
  • ・Because it's a rental, there's also no need for disposal.

Terms & Conditions

  • ・Rental term begins from the time of application for minimum term of one year.
  • ・This service is intended for use by corporate customers, such as restaurants and businesses.
  • ※Also, according to your preferences, we provide machines and equipment in a variety of plans.

Machines Available for Long-Term Rental & Prices (Example only)

Please contact us for complete details on each model. All prices are excluding tax.

  • Fully Automatic Espresso Machine
    Monthly rate: from 20,000 yen

  • Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine
    LaMarzocco LINEA-2
    Monthly rate: from 40,000 yen

  • Coffee Grinder
    LaMarzocco MDMCA
    Monthly rate: from 5,000 yen