80 Years of Tradition & Passion

La Marzocco is proud of our continuing search for quality and reliability, our attention to detail in all of our unique and innovative designs, and our uncompromising professional pride. It is that ethos and pride that prevails within our company.
Our products are fully handcrafted throughout the manufacturing process. This method, borne out of our founder Giuseppe Bambi's own superb experience and passion for making machines, has been handed down to us.
Even while adapting to progress in these changing times, La Marzocco still continues to be a company that values "craftsmanship".

LA MARZOCCO's Products

  • la marzocco strada av‐2

  • La Marzocco Espresso Machine Linea-2

  • LA・MARZOCCO Linea mini black

  • LA・MARZOCCO Lux D Lux D(staine)


1927 Founded in Florence, Italy by Giuseppe Bambi and Bruno Bambi.
1939 LA MARZOCCO releases an espresso machine equipped with a horizontal boiler. These days, this design has become the industry standard and is said to be the first in a series of important technological innovations, including a dual boiler system and saturated extraction system.
1970s The GS Series, equipped with a dual boiler system, is released. In this series, hot water and steam are prevented from interfering with the temperature of the water used for coffee extraction. After its release, the success of the GS series becomes a legend worldwide, and two new machines, Linea and FB-70, go on sale, equipped with the technology from the GS series.
2000s The GB-5 model goes on sale. In 2006, the FB-80 goes on sale, followed by the GS-3 in 2007. Each of these machines comes equipped with PID temperature control, multi-function keypads, and digital displays.
2008 A mechanical paddle configuration is introduced. With this configuration, it becomes possible, according to the barista's technique, to bring out the best espresso blends. This technology has also been introduced in other LA MARZOCCO espresso machines.
2009 The Strada machine, equipped with pressure profiling capability, is introduced.
The Vulcano, which is a coffee grinder that combines La Marzocco's design with Mazzer grinding technology, is released.
2013 LA MARZOCCO's compact body, made from polished stainless steel, comes equipped with LED lighting and an "eco mode".
The "Linea PB" model combining design with functionality, is released.