A Brand Promise You Can Count On

Many of our clients would use the words "honesty", "integrity", "courtesy", and above all, "quality", to describe the Bunn brand.
Keeping in mind all of these words, we make our Bunn brand promise to be "A Partner You Can Count On".
We also strive every day to provide total customer satisfaction not only through our customer service at five locations in North America, but also through our factories and warehouses in Mexico, Germany, China, and the United Kingdom.

BUNN's Products

  • Decanter Brewer AXIOM-2 100V

  • Decanter Brewer AXIOM-2 200V

  • BUNN trifecta mini

  • Large Coffee Brewer BrewWISE Single DBC-TF

  • Container Brewer BrewWISE Double SH DBC

  • Container Brewer BrewWISE Single SH DBC

  • Container Coffee Server SH Server

  • BrewWISE Individual Coffee Grinder BrewWISE MHG

BUNN's History

1850 Established in Springfield, Illinois USA by Jacob Bunn.
1957 Flat-bottom paper filters for commercial use are developed.
1963 Bunn's patented pour-over method coffee brewers are developed.
1978 Bunn develops and patents the first ever commercial ice tea brewer for use with fresh tea leaves.
1988 Bunn's precise temperature hot water supply system is developed and patented.
1993 Bunn develops and patents a frozen drink system with electronic sensors.
1997 Bunn introduces a "pulse" extraction process to the market, receiving patents for its digital extraction controls and "soft touch" technology.
2001 Bunn introduces their innovative RFID-based "BrewWISE Coffee Server Management" technology and also releases their "Smart Funnel" system.
2010 The new Trifecta Single-cup Brewing System equipped with Air Infusion technology is released.
With this product, it is possible to produce the highest quality drink in a single cup.
2013 Bunn's Hot Water H5X Element SST Stainless Steel hot water dispenser is released.