• BONMAC/bonmac


Pursuing the best taste

Here at Lucky Coffee Machines, we started developing and selling roasters and coffee grinders for commercial use right from the very beginning when our company was founded in 1964.In 1982, we announced our aim to "develop a high-quality machine at a reasonable price", and launched our own long-awaited "BONMAC/bonmac" brand.
These days, in addition to high-performance roasters, grinders, brewers and fully automatic espresso machines for commercial use, our products are also used widely in households.We recognize and support a wide range of cafes and restaurants nationwide, but also the general user wanting to try that "classic coffee taste, easily".
Also, aside from our company's commitment to offering products guaranteeing functionality, design, reasonable pricing and so on, we also distribute overseas brands, which we carefully select based on numerous criteria.In recent years, we have diversified the style of our stores and now offer a full lineup of products that can meet the needs of every customer.
Looking ahead, we think of "usability" as our top priority, and our aim is to realize our corporate mission of "delivering total beverage equipment solutions".
Our own BONMAC/bonmac brand name is coined from a combination of the French word "bon", meaning "wonderful", and "mac", an abbreviation of the English word "machine".

BONMAC's Products

  • bonmac drip pot Pro

  • bonmac Vstyle dripper VCD-2W

  • double wall mug 260ml

  • double wall carafe 700ml

  • Coffee Grinder (with Automatic Weighing Function) BM-860

  • Fully Automatic Drip-type Coffee Machine FRESH ONE QUICK

BONMAC's History

Established 1964 The current BM-570 series is launched, adding a more advanced design to the functions inherited from the 550 & 650 series.
1997 The BM-650 commercial coffee grinder is released, featuring a new "Clean System" technology (making it harder for coffee grinds to stick to surfaces). Through the 1980s and 1990s, the company expanded their own core brand of mill grinder.
2002 The world's first thermal insulation brewer, the "BM-3000 Caldo" is launched.
2006 The "BM-1200", a coffee brewer that features continuous split extraction and steaming from an electric pot, is released.
2009 The "Cool Dripper", a cold water extraction coffee machine is released.
2010 The compact "BM-250" coffee mill is released.
2011 The decanter brewers "BM-4100" and "BM-4060", and the "BME-100" home espresso maker are released.
2014 The fully automatic "BM-SAD1" drip coffee machine is released.
An updated version of the thermal insulation system decanter brewer "BM-3100 Caldo" is released.
2015 The "BM-860" coffee grinder, with an automatic weighing function, is released.